phpFreeChat 1.3 on April 13, 2010

  • Fixes the deop command, noflood proxy and maybe other regressions (thanks to bakebowling and Walker for the report) ; r1249
  • XSS security hole fix in the '/me' command. (thanks to Philipp Blaim for the report) ; r1250
  • Bug fix: when reloading the chat while a private message tab is opened, the PV tab was not shown again. (thanks to Amandarn) ; r1252
  • Bug fix: parsing problem with bbcode [color] tag on konqueror browser (sourceforge patch #2234430) ; r1253
  • Bug fix: wrong theme_url calculation could append on special servers configurations (thanks to xman - sourceforge bug #2329644) ; r1254
  • Bug fix: quotes and double quotes could be wrongly converted to smiles (thanks to handyone - sourceforge bug #2343444) ; r1255
  • Opimization: build the whoisbox only on demand (thanks to Ivan Kravets aka x-man) ; r1256
  • Remove the specific session_name value. From now phpfreechat totally share the sessions data with the whole website. This should simplify integrations. (thanks to Ivan Kravets aka x-man for the suggestion) ; r1257
  • Few fixes about the user's sessions variables (thanks to Dany Eudes for the suggestions) ; r1258
  • New translations and updated translations: ml_MK, cs_CZ, nl_NL, pl_PL, nn_NO, ca_CAT, sk_SK, ja_JP, hu_HU, and it_IT ; r1260
  • Makes more flexible the "whoisbox" and the users list customization (example: add an avatar, change the little icon, modify the nicknames styles) ; r1261 and r1262
  • Isolate the kick/ban notices. Setup the flag 4 on the shownotice parameter to display only kick/ban notices. ; r1263
  • Removes the log proxy if the file system can't manage file locking functionality ; r1264
  • Added first version of Oracle container (golemwashere) ; r1266
  • Fixes IE8 display bug (sourceforge bug #2790822, bounty n°1) ; r1270
  • Fixes PHP 5.3 warnings ; r1271
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