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git clone
make setup

If you are using Windows, you should download manualy and unzip it into server/lib/Slim/ folder (rename Slim-x.x.x to Slim).

If you plan to contribute, it's better to fork the git repository then to commit your code in your fork and to submit pull request to the phpfreechat github repository.


  • make setup: download and install Slim library for server side
  • make test: run all tests client and server side
  • make test-client: run tests client side
  • make test-server: run tests server side
  • make bench: simulate 50 users chatting (telling 1 sentence per 2 seconds) on 2 channels during 60 seconds
  • make jshint: check client side syntaxe
  • make phpcs: check client side syntaxe
  • make minify: compile and minify css and js
  • make clean: ...

  • make version v=2.0.2: patch files in source code and replace all version number by with 2.0.2

  • make untag: remove the current (which is in package.json) version tag from github
  • make tag: tag the source code with the version number found into package.json
  • make release: create a tar.gz ready to download
  • make upload: upload latest generated release on sourceforge
  • make clean-release-for-dev: used by make release
  • make clean-release-for-prod: used by make release

  • make setup-client-test: install dependencies needed for running client tests

  • make setup-server-test: install dependencies needed for running server tests
  • make setup-client-test: install dependencies needed for running client tests
  • make setup-jshint: install dependencies needed for make jshint
  • make setup-minify: install dependencies needed for make minify
  • make setup-bench: install dependencies needed for make bench

How to release a version

  • make version v=x.x.x
  • git commit -a -m "prepare version x.x.x"
  • git push
  • make tag
  • make release
  • make upload

Playing with unit tests

Tests (client and server side) need phpfreechat's base absolute url. By default is used but it can be customized. For that, you have to create a serverurl file that contains the absolute url to your phpfreechat installation without the trailing slash (ex: http://localhost/phpfreechat)

Client side tests are written with qunit and are located here: client/tests/

Server side tests are written with vows and are located here: server/tests/

Modules (client side)

  • pfc.js: just jquery plugin stuff
  • pfc-init.js: phpfreechat's initialization related function
  • pfc-core.js: phpfreechat's core related function
  • pfc-auth.js: phpfreechat's authentication related function
  • pfc-utils.js: phpfreechat's helpers
  • ...

Events (client side)

  • pfc-loaded : triggered when pfc's interface is totaly loaded
  • pfc-login : triggered when the user is logged
  • pfc-logout : triggered when the user is loggouted

Example: TODO

Routes design (server side)

  • server/auth - GET - returns authentication informations
  • server/auth - DELETE - logout
  • server/channels/ - GET - list available channels [not implemented]
  • server/channels/:cid/ - GET - returns :cid channel merged infos [not implemented]
  • server/channels/:cid/name - GET - channel little name [not implemented]
  • server/channels/:cid/users/ - GET - list users in the :cid channel
  • server/channels/:cid/users/:uid - GET - tells if :uid user is subscribed to this :cid channel
  • server/channels/:cid/users/:uid - PUT - :uid user joins :cid channel (try to)
  • server/channels/:cid/users/:uid - DELETE - :uid user leave himself or with a kick :cid channel (try to)
  • server/channels/:cid/msg/ - POST - current user post a new message on :cid channel (if joined)
  • server/channels/:cid/op/ - GET - returns the :cid channel operators list (list of :uid)
  • server/channels/:cid/op/:uid - GET - tells if :uid is operator on :cid
  • server/channels/:cid/op/:uid - PUT - adds :uid to the operator list on :cid channel (try to)
  • server/channels/:cid/op/:uid - DELETE - removes operator rights to :uid on :cid channel (try to)
  • server/channels/:cid/ban/ - GET - returns the :cid channel banished list (list of :name)
  • server/channels/:cid/ban/:name - PUT - adds :name to the banished list on :cid channel (:name is base64 encoded)
  • server/channels/:cid/ban/:name - DELETE - :name is no more banished on :cid channel (:name is base64 encoded)
  • server/users/ - GET - returns the online users :uid currently online on the server [not implemented]
  • server/users/:uid/ - GET - returns :uid user info
  • server/users/:uid/pending/ - GET - pending messages for :uid user (from channels or a private messages)
  • server/users/:uid/closed - PUT - set the :uid user window closed flag to true (used to disconnect the user earlier)
  • server/skipintro - GET - flag used to indicate if the intro message about donation should be displayed or not
  • server/skipintro - PUT - tells to not display again the intro message (set the flag to true)
  • server/status - GET - returns json structure indicating server status
  • check.php - GET - check php version and other needed server dependencies

Warning: work in progress, routes structure can change in future.

File container structure (server side)

Server stores data into the server/data/ folder as following:

  • server/data/users/:uid/index.json - full user data without messages and channels
  • server/data/users/:uid/name - user name
  • server/data/users/:uid/messages/:mid - pending messages for the user
  • server/data/users/:uid/channels/:cid - channels joinded by the user
  • `server/data/channels/:cid/users/ - users online on :cid channel
  • `server/data/channels/:cid/users/:uid - tells that :uid is online on :cid
  • server/data/channels/:cid/index.json - full channel attributes
  • `server/data/channels/:cid/op/ - operators list
  • `server/data/channels/:cid/op/:uid - tells that :uid is operator on :cid
  • `server/data/channels/:cid/ban/ - banished list
  • `server/data/channels/:cid/ban/:name - tells that :name is banished on :cid
  • server/data/indexes/users/name/:name - index on user's nicknames: name -> uid
  • server/data/skipintro - contains 0 or 1
  • server/data/gc - timestamp used for garbage collector

Warning: work in progress, folder structure can change.

Bench results archives

[Sat, 20 Oct 2012 21:05:31 GMT] [phpfreechat-2.0.0] Bench result: 20.13 (cpu=65% mem=55Mo dread=1k dwrite=17660k)
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