phpFreeChat 2.1.0, on Febuary 28, 2013

  • New operator related commands: /op and /deop
  • New kick and ban related commands (with reason handling): /kick /ban /kickban /unban and /banlist
  • New pfc.isop server side hook
  • New pfc.isban server side hook
  • Better error handling (check.php, mod_rewrite)
  • Add travis-ci for testing phpfreechat builds
  • Now message id generator uses microtime php function to have chronological message ids
  • Adjust default interface mobile responsive height to 300px
  • Add donate popup and button
  • Bug fix: firefox (and other browsers) did not line break on long messages
  • Optimisation : start readPendingMessage just after the autentication
  • Client code refactoring
  • Server code refactoring
  • New server side parameter: first_is_op
  • Several IE bug fix
  • .htaccess bug fixes
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