phpFreeChat 1.4 on May 21, 2012

  • Add a security on the delay calculation based on the ping value for slow connections ; r1275
  • Fix nick auto complete bug (thanks to lackattack) ; r1276
  • Improves the log proxy: year and month directories can be created in order to split the logs (thanks to Cweener)
  • Japanese translation updated (thanks to momo-i).
  • Include the “notice” command in the “noflood” proxy. It can be used to spam. (thanks to utan)
  • Fix for the Slovak Language (thanks to utan)
  • When passing a URL containing special characters (as ! ) in a chat window the url is not clickable. Ex: Facebook Links (thanks to utan)
  • Fix PHP5 warnings (E_STRICT flag)
  • Allows ”(” and ”)” in urls (thanks to HaukeBartsch)
  • Add the nickname in the message when notice are sent. It helps to prevent bad usage of the notice command. (thanks to utan)
  • Add a ”/nocensor” toggle command to enable or disable censorship in the chat (thanks to DMXRoid)
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