phpFreeChat 1.0-final on 09/21/2007

  • Bug fix: when all the tabs are closed, the first tab should be open on the front
  • Make possible to free global config when using pfcInfo API
  • Allow unquotted reason for /kick and /ban commands (thanks to ljbuesch)
  • Bug fix: sometimes the messages ids are corrupted (thanks to Gerard Pinzone, sf patch 1762864)
  • Optimize the setMeta method in the mysql container
  • Bug fix: “privmsg” command errors were not complete (thanks to sappheiros, sf bug 1762828)
  • Some PNG graphics are now smaller. No change to quality. (thanks to Gerard Pinzone)
  • Bug fix: File locking on all read and write transactions. The incremental messages ids were sometimes corrupted especialy with lot of chatters. (thanks to Gerard Pinzone)
  • Bug fix: Smiley alt tags and IE (thanks to Gerard Pinzone, sf bug 1762865 / 1762862)
  • Improved compatibility with Safari and Opera browsers. (thanks to Gerard Pinzone)
  • New feature: command history is now working (thanks to Gerard Pinzone)
  • Bug fix: “nickname completion” was broken, now it works like on a Linux command line (thanks to Gerard Pinzone, sf bug 1595638)
  • Smileys and (bbcode) style commands overhauled. They now take into account the selection/caret position. (thanks to Gerard Pinzone)
  • Some English language fixes. (thanks to Gerard Pinzone)
  • New “display_ping” parameter used to show/hide the ping information near the phpfreechat linkback logo.
  • Optimization when reading new messages: do not use readdir() anymore, just trust content of messages file index
  • Italian and German translation update (thanks to Mqaximo, michfress and Ernst)
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