phpFreeChat 1.0-beta4 on 08/01/2006

  • Remove prototype dependencies. Why ? because prototype override some default javascript behaviors (Array) and break compatibility with others javascript libraries (example: ie7)
  • New proxy: the “lock” proxy can be used to lock the chat and redirect all the online users to a given url (use the “$params[“islocked”]” and “$params[“lockurl”]” parameters).
  • Bug fix: the “admins” parameter in now dynamic
  • Bug fix: it was possible to use “frozen_nick” parameter with a empty nickname.
  • Bug fix: the “nick” parameter was broken
  • Bug fix: “connect_at_startup” and “start_minimized” options were broken
  • Bug fix: some extra javascript inclusions were broken - (thanks to macinta)
  • Bug fix: some paths were wrongly calculated - (thanks to macinta)
  • Bug fix: the ”/identify” command was broken
  • In the default chat index, everybody is admin in order to test easialy every chat features
  • Refactoring + Bug fix : the “shownotice” parameter was broken, this refactoring fixes it. I moved the commands parameters list into a indexed array in order to be able to add a new parameter easily (example: the flag parameter for the notice command).
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