phpFreeChat 1.0-beta2 on 06/17/2006

  • Bug fix: channels were not joined in the correct order (last channel in the parameter array must be the last joined channel and the active one)
  • Bug fix: the ”/me” command was broken (thanks to Eury)
  • Bug fix: the ”/me” and ”/notice” display italic style was broken
  • Bug fix: add a lock process when running the ”/rehash” command in order to avoid run simultaneously two global config init step.
  • Bug fix: when reloading the page, the previously joined channels were not joined again as expected.
  • Remove the crosshair cursor from the default theme (thanks to mkoch for the suggestion).
  • Now the first connected user gets automatically the server admin rights.
  • Optimizations: now the default file containers stores nicknames in the metadata and use nickid for the files names (thanks to Thomas Lußnig for the idea) and the metadata are now cached.
  • Bug fix: when new messages were received in a background tab, the corresponding scrollbar was not scrolled as expected.
  • Add a test in the initialization step to be sure the “copy_r” and “rm_r” function works.
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