phpFreeChat 1.0-beta10 on 03/28/2007

  • Bug fix: the focus was lost in the new prompt dialog box [0h40]
  • Bug fix: sometime the nicknames is the list disappeared
  • Bug fix: the “pfcInfo” methodes should not print errors when the chat cache could not be found [0h15]
  • Bug fix: the prompt dialog position was calculated incorrectly [0h45]
  • Bug fix: Cannot post ” character (sf bug 1657437) [2h15]
  • Makes compatible csstidy and php without ctype enabled (thanks to Andreas) [0h40]
  • Bug fix: URL's with a comma does not get recognized as a link (sf bug 1649431) [0h20]
  • Bug fix: QUERY_STRING should not be added when server_script_url setup in the parameter list [0h40]
  • Tidy up the whois box elements [1h00]
  • Setup the right ip when the chat is behind a reverse proxy (thanks to arturm)
  • Translations:
    • New Norwegian Nynorsk translation (“nn_NO”) (thanks to Yngve Spjeld Landro)
    • Korean translation update (thanks to fkiller)
    • Russian translation update (thanks to datacompboy)
    • Ukrainian translation update (thanks to X-MAN)
    • Italian translation update (thanks to Mqaximo)
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