phpFreeChat 0.9.3 on 04/28/2006

  • New traditional Chinese “zh_TW” translation (many thanks to Alex Wu)
  • Bug fix: the “oldmsg” style was not set correctly to old message elements (limit is set with “max_msg”)
  • Bux fix: remove the http error popup in the compressed “xajax.js”
  • Bug fix: some php include paths were wrong (“chat-pre.js.tpl.php” and “chat-post.js.tpl.php” were not correctly included in some cases)
  • Bug fix: IE doesn't support “white-space:pre” CSS rule, a workaround is to use ”<nobr>” element. This is not XHTML complient but it's just a workeround for this crappy IE… (thanks to Rhialto for the tip)
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