phpFreeChat 0.9.1 on 04/03/2006

  • Bug fix: When a empty text is typed, nothing should be sent. Only a error message must be shown.
  • Bug fix: Links auto-detections didn't work
  • Bug fix: Now “openlinknewwindow” parameter is used also for the phpfreechat logo link.
  • Bug fix: When the connection to the server is bad, “refresh_delay” is automaticaly adjusted (multiplied by 2 when it fails).
  • Bug fix: If you write something that is as long as your set maximum message length, the color code is shown in chat not the actual chosen text color it self.
  • Bug fix: There is no line break in chat. If you send long messages they just continue in one row, and a horizontal scroll list appears. (this doesn't work with the crappy IE).
  • Bug fix: do not send message containing only spaces.
  • Bug fix: remove the annoying “HTTP status 12002” popup dialog
  • Bug fix: Using “width” parameter in not a good idea because of a display bug in IE6. I just removed temporary the width parameter. Please refere to this topic for a workeround
  • Bug fix: setting showsmileys parameter to false and btn_sh_smileys to false didn't work (thanks to Yusuke for the bug report).
  • Improve HTTP URL parsing : now long urls are splited with '…' (doesn't work on IE6)
  • Now “shownotice” uses a flag system : 0 = show nothing, 1 = shows nicknames change, 2 = shows connect/disconnect, 3 = (2+1) shows nicknames change and connect/disconnect
  • New “focus_on_connect” parameter: Setting this to true will give the focus to the input text box when connecting to the chat. It can be usefull not touch the focus when integrating the chat into an existing website because when the focus is changed, the viewport follows the focus location.
  • New “quit_on_closedwindow” parameter: Setting this to true will send a ”/quit” command when the user close his window. It's not set to true by default because on IE and Konqueror/Safari, when the user reload his page this event occurs.
  • New bosnian “ba_BA” translation (many thanks to Emin Jasarevic)
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