phpFreeChat 0.9 on 03/24/2006

  • Handle correctly (on FF, IE, Konqueror) the TAB key and use it for basic nicknames completion like on IRC.
  • Make possible to change the written text color permanently. (internaly it uses the bbcode colors)
  • Bug fix: On IE6 when showing/hiding the nickname list and the smileys list, these boxes disappeared curiously. The workeround is to load an image with a very long (>4550 characteres) src url. Why ? I don't know !
  • Bug fix: When the chat window was leaved open, Internet Explorer could crash. This was caused by a memory leak in the xajax v0.2 library. The xajax upgrade fix the problem.
  • Bug fix: Nickname are case sensitive, so in the same chat there can be both a “BOB” and a “bob”. This is a bug. it should be doing a case-insensitive compare so that BOB and bob register as the same username.
  • Bug fix: nicknames didn't render correctly in Firefox (nowrap CSS rule don't work as expected), I noticed the “white-space: pre” rulez works on IE and FF. (thanks to JoeHaley for the report)
  • Bug fix : email tag won't work if email address starts with letter s when use the email syntax [email]email address[/email], if type in an email address starting with letter 's', it will print out incorrectly.
  • New ukrainian translation “ua_UA” (thanks to Ivan Kravets aka X-MAN)
  • New dutch from netherlands “nl_NL” translation (many thanks to Robert de Ruiter)
  • New norwegian “no_NO” translation (many thanks to Anders Bondehagen)
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