phpFreeChat 0.6 on 02/07/2006

  • New minimize/maximize button. Then you can easily integrate your chat to weblogs or forums !
  • “connect_at_startup” option added. Turning off this option will not connect user at startup, to connect he shall click on the login button.
  • “nickmarker” option added. Turning off this option disable nickname colorization.
  • “clock” option added. Turning off this option will disable date/hour display.
  • Reorder smileys and add tux and gnu smileys (Thanks to Kaella for the nice tux and gnu smileys!)
  • Bug fix: When the “rootpath” was empty, it was not set to '.'. The xajax relative path (and other depending on this path) was broken! (Thanks to Kaella for reporting this bug)
  • Bug fix: When setting same config parameters in two scripts, it makes problems because the two script share the same cache id.
  • Bug fix: The “active” option should not be used to initialize the auto-connect state because when a user quit, the “active” option is set to false and is stored in session. Then, when the user come back, he wasn' auto-connected as it should. This option is replaced by “connect_at_startup”.
  • Bug fix: The nicknames colors are limited to 15. So when a 16th user connect, his nickname is not colorized. Moreover, the disconnected users listed in the message history was colorized.
  • Bug fix: On servers where php is executed as cgi, the SCRIPT_FILENAME variable doesn't point on the script filename but on thhhe php.cgi file. It made problems to calculate relative paths in phpfreechat. Now the PATH_TRANSLATED variable is used for cgi configuration.
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