phpFreeChat 0.4 on 01/24/2006

  • New feature: Add a nice connect/disconnect icon used to manualy connect or disconnect from the chat.
  • Bug fix: Nicknames with special caracteres (ex: < >) are not displayed correctly in the nickname list and in the notice messages.
  • Bug fix: “shownotice” option didn't work (set it to 0 to remove every notice, set it to 1 to show only nicknames changes, set it to 2 to show 1+ connect/disconnect notice)
  • Bug fix: At first connexion, messages history was shown twice.
  • Replace png smileys by gif smileys to avoid black background on th crappy IE.
  • Bug fix: Blocking warning could happen when “E_ALL” was set in php parameters, it made the chat unworkable!
  • Bug fix: Add an alternative to “file_get_contents” which is used by phpfreechat but was not defined on php version < 4.3.0
  • Bug fix: ”:'(” smiley was not correctly displayed.
  • Bug fix: Nicknames highlighting did not work as excepted.
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