phpFreeChat 0.2 on 01/15/2006

  • Nicknames list update optimizations. The list is updated only when a user login or logout.
  • Bug fix: Add IE7 scripts to improve display on poor IE browsers. This option can be desactivated in parameters.
  • Bug fix: OVH hosts can't use “$_SERVER[“PATH_TRANSLATED”]” variable (thanks to Daffys for the bug report)
  • Bug fix: When an unknown command was handled, “Error: the XML response that was returned from the server is invalid !!” unexplicite popup message was shown. Now a simple explicite message is shown. (thanks to Daffys for the report)
  • Bug fix: I forgot to insert HTML encoding into demo pages.
  • Bug fix: Debuging console didn't work and the link to open it was broken.
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